Golden Wheel Industries

“Providing Manufacturing & Packaging Solutions since 1977”


stablished in 1977, Golden Wheel Industries (GWI) started off with providing quality Thermoforming Products to our customers. Now our diverse services include turn-key contract manufacturing, turn-key contract packaging, customization packaging, fulfillment packaging, warehousing, logistics & distribution, sourcing & purchasing and even providing solutions to our customers in areas such as operational administrations and support to R&D operations.

Trusted by our various MNC, regional and local customers from different industries including FMCG’s, Hard-disk drive industries, Medical devices, Electrical & Electronics, Baby Products, Food etc. GWI is known for its ability to “Do more with less”! Efficiency, quality, on-time delivery, cost-savings are just some of our foundational qualities. We continue to build ourselves up with other attributes like “Continuous Improvements through Innovations”, “Building Our People with a Passion for Excellence”, Team-work through Mutual Respect”, we have managed to deliver to our customers with record breaking results, constant cost-saving ideas, cutting-edge designs and innovative concepts for process & product improvements.

We have constantly exceeded our customers’ expectations, building long-term mutually benefiting and growing relationships with them. Internally we have also managed to build ourselves to be a strong, united and passionate team; ready to face any kind of challenges and opportunities and to continue to bring GWI to new heights and into the new era.