Golden Wheel Industries

“Providing Manufacturing & Packaging Solutions since 1977”

Established in 1977, Golden Wheel Industries (GWI) started off with providing quality Thermoforming Products to our customers. Now our diverse services include turn-key contract manufacturing, turn-key contract packaging, customization packaging, fulfillment packaging, warehousing, logistics & distribution, sourcing & purchasing and even providing solutions to our customers in areas such as operational administrations and support to R&D operations.


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From packaging design, development, sourcing, purchasing, inventory management, fulfillment packaging for both primary product packaging to promotional & customization packaging; we are your one stop solution provider. With our holistic and comprehensive quality systems, our target is zero-defects even in a high volume, high mix, high complexity environment. Our contract manufacturing capabilities ensures that your products are produced to your exact specifications, fulfilling all your market demands, tested to the required standards and shipped out to your markets worldwide at the most competitive price